Big Travel Challenge 2022

We are taking part in the Green-Schools big TRAVEL CHALLENGE 2022. The aim of the challenge is to promote a sustainable mode of transport of your choice for 10 days during the month of February and to encourage more students to enjoy the benefits of actively travelling to school.

We are asking students to choose to cycle, scoot or walk to school over the next 10 school days. Please take some photos and send them to your teacher and we will submit them with our Green School Application.

We will also be organising a Cycle/Scoot to School Day closer to the end of the month. The children can leave their bikes/scooters in school on the day and they will be given an opportunity to cycle/scoot out on the yard throughout the day!

Please swipe to see a picture of our new Green School Committee who will be actively promoting the big TRAVEL CHALLENGE over the next month (Ciara and Melina from Ms. Morrissey’s class are missing from the photo).